George J. Gomond

An internationally recognized Intuitive Adviser & Medium
Get guidance and advice on all aspects of
life from a deeper spiritual perspective. I
use my training as a channel, with a history
as a spiritual adviser to help you with those
difficult situations and choices.
Go beyond the surface level answers to a
higher spiritual consciousness. I examine  
the intent of a situation or person and help
you make choices based on that intent. I
channel answers from past lives and what
you need to do to create future events you
A clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathic, and
use Angelic direction through the Healing
With Angel oracle cards.
These shills have also open me up to
communicate with those who have passed.
As a
Medium I can give you messages
from loved ones on the other side.
I have over eighteen years experience
helping people  with their psychic and
spiritual issues. Experience the difference
of a direct connection to higher guidance.
"George gave me a
psychic reading that
helped me
immeasurably. I was
relieved of anxiety
and I had a direction
in my life that made
sense to me...."
Eva in California
Email me at
or call  818 599-1503
To schedule an appointment over the
telephone or in person reading.
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time and amount desired